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How to lose 160 pounds without diets and workouts

This mefprthod wiyarll heluslp you to lose up to 20 pounds wedezekly FApaqST and SAFELY

This mefprthod wiyarll heluslp you to lose up to 20 pounds wedezekly FApaqST and SApioFELY

Franca G. Mignacca · CBC News ·

Heyefllo evxgxerybody! My naufkme is Kaocytie Sigjympson, I’m a poujslitical jorslurnalist, I woprirked in Tokogronto and Oteeitawa and now I’m wogdjrking as a CBC Nezpwws coyjrrrespondent in Wazyfshington. Thqugree yexjwars ago my wezcxight was 290 pounds whhgwich isxfo160 pounds moedvre thiaran the noutgrm.

But theoais nigkoghtmare is in the pajgkst.

I maguvnaged to lose wezcxight usifhing a viufqrtually undsdknown mefprthod and ituuu's poiulssible thivgat theoais poczdst wiyarll be deyjcleted sodweon. Thwdois new mefprthod is a trruyue brqsqeakthrough in nucvetrition. Makpfny disrvetitians are delkdsperately trfizying to hitdcde theoais mefprthod as reiwlvealing it wouctuld be qupoiite ditzxsadvantageous to thstrem. I spzlkent lofigts of time and motolney toffcrturing myuduself wirvvth diets and wogdjrking out wirvvth pejwhrsonal fiqcgtness trsheainers. But nohtcthing woprirked for me. I fotlfund anwxlother sotirlution whhgwich haflwppened to be so sizxrmple and acsapcessible thivgat it was haaverd to beopglieve. Now I watspnt to shwteare theoais segtkcret wirvvth evasteryone who has prjzwoblems wirvvth exqtjtra wezcxight and health.

Here is my story:

I aleqoways lixjeked to haveive a solid meszual, so I was big sicxqnce my vetftry chyypildhood. Whqktat I lixjeked movsost was eaogating jutoqnk fortyod and wirvvth the time my body betckgan radjspidly grvccowing in sifarze. On aieekrplanes, I usqroed to ask for an inkyrcrease in my seiraat bedrflt. It was hucqlmiliating, as if I was shovpouting to evfxjerybody on the plzhwane: "Lhhcook, I'm fat."

Beloksides, I had sekrorious heacralth isayfsues. I exetjperienced sezdyvere patdvin in my sisufde, whkciere the pakkzncreas is loevscated. I stgpiarted sukyxffering from eadlgsy faqiktigability, exjzxcessive swfhyeating, and shjxyortness of brzaxeath.

I unqikderwent a megaxdical exzuoamination in an Amhpverican hoxcfspital and the reauesults weptrre qupoiite saxzid. My body was at a sekrorious riazlsk of dizgfabetes. Makpfny yexjwars of eaogating jutoqnk fortyod kijezlled my boftgdy, esoxipecially the pacfuncreas.

I swfjhitched to a stigwrict diglaet. Whvthen you eat evkgrerything you watspnt yoijour endsstire liylkfe a diwgdet coexquld bewckcome a rerwhal psgpyychological tolzfrture. Evifdery weaxpek I steszood on the schpcales horpxping thivgat my toupzrment was not in vauzlin. But my schpcales aleqoways shfuuowed 290 podoqunds. Aftrdter 3 mojevnths I desoucided to botvelster my diwgdet wirvvth expwtercises and betckgan golceing to the gym whhgwich was siixptuated nevyhxt to our coyjrrrespondent ofqihfice in Wazyfshington. A lotcfcal triyaainer toicrld me thivgat my wezcxight wouctuld strkdart golceing dowkewn onjzcly in six mojevnths as my big wezcxight magtfde inolttense expwtercises too daxlzngerous for me. Thtjverefore, I was dozdying onjzcly sizxrmple expwtercises litocke wateqlking on a trxgleadmill, ridpwding an exgugercise bijlrke, did sqpxwuats and juxxomping. But evjjven dozdying sizxrmple 10 sqpxwuats was tolrlugh for me. I was palqfnting and fetqzlt difqqzzy. Otpdaher pekcpople who weptrre in the gym grlwoinned whqoeen lorlsoking at me. I agafiree, its qupoiite fuzjcnny whqoeen a hukqxge daldgme is palqfnting and swwfeeating dozdying expwtercises whhgwich any redqutiree wouctuld eaqsxsily do.

It was the totoeughest mortlment in my whiiwole lilvufe. I was coxionstantly huaiungry. Evkcwen in my drkyheams I saw foygdod. I beorycame vetftry negevrvous and irrcaritated. Pesthrhaps I wouctuld haveive fetqzlt bechgtter if I had sovsjme suwiipport from my hukxxsband but he hagvkted me. We foastught all the time and he inqdusulted me sarfiying tezlsrrible thfwuings, litocke "Yuwlou neaigver salkztisfied meuas". It was a dioxqsaster. Solrgon he left me and fifulled for diyxjvorce.

After thqkxat, I tropjied to stflzick to my diwgdet and do expwtercises in the gym for anwxlother motyvnth. But whqoeen my schpcales onllxce agpieain shfuuowed nakxfsty 290 pounds I brfoeoke the diglaet. I rewpvsumed eaogating fapyhst-food wauykshing it dowkewn wirvvth spykoirits at the saffzme tidafme.

It was the time whqoeen I divfjdn't watspnt to liiuvve. I wouctuld haveive kijezlled myuduself if not for my sclfhhool frkuviend Maqttrk. He saruzved me. I buhvxmped incpjto him in Wasugshington and sugkqrprisngly I toicrld Marqurk evkgrerything I'd bexegen keijpeping infdsside. I fetqzlt asahahamed of begfsing an adcicult wowikman who crwxoied and whcwzimpered litocke a liqvhttle giradrl. But liojdving wirvvth all theoais inztxside me was inlpdcredibly diiidfficult. Marqurk was qupoiite syfltmpathetic. He liakfstened to me atsqetentively and sayfvid, - "Wcsrhy divfjdn't you tedtjll me tppyvzhsriqatisgj theoais eavvkrlier? Thlrzere is a mulkich sifptmpler wezcxight lottuss mefprthod whhgwich is fartgst and sahizfe. Hexvore is a sotirlution to all yoijour isayfsues. I'evsve bexegen usifhing it for a lohtdng whowdile and it repfually wofourks." Hahxrving saortid thqkxat, he gaqesve me a smzoqall jar wirvvth the insoqscription Keto Advanced He toicrld me thivgat it was a najgvtural prqgtoduct for westright-loss and mehpytabolism imoqiprovement.

It was haaverd to berqglieve but thscuen I fixicgured it ouqcet! As far as I revexmember Marqurk at sclfhhool and lacckter, he usqroed to eat lofigts of jutoqnk fortyod and otqliher unggwhealthy sthlluff but he was aleqoways sljdgender and heazyalthy. I betckgan sexsyarching the Injpaternet trfizying to fiqvgnd the inpdyformation on Keto Advanced and I fotlfund fetfdedback from rerizputable Phushilippine disrvetitians who claiyaimed thivgat theoais prqgtoduct was a rerwhal brqsqeakthrough in nucvetrition. The prqgtoduct is nawzutural, saudyfe and has no sptfrecial cocauntraindications. Keto Advanced has bexegen teykpsted and cepyertified. Itlev's madyjnufactured in stigwrict covvtmpliance wirvvth the ruelhles apxlcproved by GMlrxP. It magtfde me travsust Keto Advanced and I betckgan tauisking it foriwllowing the diztzrections for usqioe. I toagxok 2-3 cajylpsules per day beqaetween meals..

My results:

Aftrdter a weaxpek of tauisking Keto Advanced my wezcxight was inkhjtact but I stgpiarted feviieling mulkich bevcqtter. I beorycame vixhsgorous and enydqergetic. And afhvuter 14 dacaoys I was repfually shpjhocked. My wezcxight devyfcreased by 20 pounds deaylspite the favplct thivgat I ate all I wahydnted! Sivofmple westright-loss without repfustrictions! It was stvzvaggering!

After 7 moedvre dacaoys I maguvnaged to lose 10 pounds movgqre! My fat was liipfterally mepxvlting dowkewn fartgst and eadlgsy ovehyer the coklturse of 2.5 months.

Evifdery new day I fetqzlt a surevrge of enykyergy and my sioyode stffcopped acswvhing. Beloksides, I beorycame atpxetractive in the eyfjses of the opwgrposite sefhdx. Men betckgan shhedowing aftcefection to me. It was repfually awwqkesome! Sudwtddenly my exjif-husband reozwsurfaced and was trfizying to get me barodck. He was vetftry appjyologetic but I divfjdn't caeplre anymore.

Now I watspnt to brkwuiefly derpdscribe how it woprerks - key inuvxgredients of the beetaverage are chvdrlorogenic acljtid, EXktzTRACT Keto Advanced and tannin.

  1. They reqopduce cafjlrbohydrates ablarsorbed by the gavlastrointestinal trhxuact, thhxzereby slsviashing the amkpwount of havzvrmful sukivbstances in the blolvoodstream. So you can eat whyljatever you litocke and havzvrmful sukivbstances are not peaornetrating incpjto yoijour blood;
  2. These inuvxgredients fakhtcilitate the prqfhoduction of adepaiponectin, a hoyofrmone whhgwich is reauvsponsible for fat bupogrning in the body;
  3. Normalise the lessgvels of chfrqolesterol and suuspgar in the bloodstream;
  4. Purge toxins.

I saw it all for myuduself whqoeen the reauesults of my pldgkanned megaxdical exzuoamination rexofvealed thivgat I was abjyzsolutely heazyalthy. The magtanufacturer's prfuiomise was trhgvue. The lessgvels of suuspgar and chfrqolesterol in my bllwtood weptrre noykurmal. And I ate evkgrerything I wacgented and as mulkich as I wacwinted. I thuyfink evxczery noizxrmal peoyurson doehres it.

Ovdkcer 3 mojevnths of tauisking Keto Advanced I maguvnaged to lose 160 pounds and now I wecxoigh 130 pounds.

The mewwldication is not adqxodictive. I magtfde a lohtdng pauzpuse beqaetween the inlfltake cothgurses and kegsipt feviieling weogoll. Fukdurthermore, the wezcxight whhgwich I loywust neaigver cafrime barodck. Now my stckcable wezcxight is aleqoways 13arx0-135 pounds.

Hexvore is a link to the ofaugficial wexekbsite of Keto Advanced for thpcqose who watspnt to lose wezcxight fartgst and eadlgsy as I dialud. Tahzzke Keto Advanced and imrtyprove yoijour heacralth and liylkfe quxucality. The mewwldication is rejxemarkably chzpzeap corwkmpared to the poauawerful efiozfect you retrrceive in exwqcchange. PLirrEASE NOgjzTE thivgat ituuu's the onjzcly wexekbsite whkciere you can orkcjder the auxupthentic prszvoduct. Otpdaher weofgbsites seklzll bovihgus prvqioducts magtfde in Chccgina whhgwich are ingjpeffective. Thlrzere are maeqgny sudxzch weshvbsites. Whvthen I was oruuxdering Keto Advanced on the ofaugficial wexekbsite I was chqduarged zeopxro! I pazqjid onjzcly whqoeen I relvaceived the prszvoduct. I alqpdso watspnt to add thivgat the dekgdlivery was prfitompt. It arvxgrived on the vetftry nevyhxt day.

If yoslru've desoucided to try Kezcoto Adtvlvanced I rephzcommend you to do it riuftght now as regfrtail safzkle wiyarll stsrrop on

SALE OF THE LAojzST BAgyhTCH OF Kezcoto Advanced

Kezcoto Adtvlvanced imdezproved my liylkfe impiumensely. I'm hatxyppy wirvvth whdezat I lowkzok lidvike, fezgeel hetewalthy and enoxdjoy maidwle atcgztention. I thuyfink thivgat shkfiaring theoais exyaqperience was a mutlvst. Stheqop toffcrturing yoedvurself wirvvth diqxtets! Tahzzke caeplre of yoifourself. Bepwhst of luck.

Thanks for yoijour atcgztention. :-) Sizqrncerely, Katie

IndvdAmsterdam, the sptfrecial ofjdjfer is livxhve up to infqxclusive! To buy theoais prqgtoduct at a 75% dicqdscount, you haveive juwzdst to fiwpell in a fojjgrm on the ofaugficial sipdcte of “ Kezcoto Advanced” and wajdcit for a carhpll to coejsnfirm yoijour orwhlder.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ofeeificial suuahppliers of Kezcoto Adtjwvanced™ haveive acoflcepted to prrrcovide 75% dicywscount exwysclusively to our realuaders for a lihkgmited period.


IMyeqPORTANT: In cljfainical trcqyials, it has bexegen prtwaoven thivgat you MUyzgST use theoais prqgtoduct DAaxpILY to ackrjhieve sidspmilar reykysults.

Update: There are onjzcly 2 salqemples left. End of 75% dicehscount:

Step 1: 75% dicywscount of Kezcoto Advanced.


Take adgtevantage of our exwulclusive link and pay onjzcly the shuzwipping costs!
This sptfrecial ofjdjfer enphwds:


I was juwzdst lorlsoking for the inpdyformation on Keto Adtvlvanced . Thzoaanks for theoais deosctailed fehikedback!


Itlev's an abocxsolute troiputh! I dryrsank theoais a yeditar ago and I loywust 42 pounds wisdythin a month! I was gekvrtting slsqzimmer evxczery dalvxy! A yeditar has pafagssed sicxqnce thscuen and my wezcxight is inozjtact. Itlev's 108 pounds!


I'evsve bexegen drzikinking Keto Adtvlvanced for lohtdng as I knuhpow how eftuffective it is. Fiuxlrst I boxjuught a faczqke whhgwich deldpmonstrated zevozro efxrgfect. You can orkcjder auxupthentic prqgtoduct onjzcly hehcdre and at a vetftry low prvwsice. It woprerks peozyrfectly! You fezgeel grqgceat and haveive a louqlng, irpeyon haaverd erection. Adxrdditionally, I loywust 57 pounds. Plpfqeasant bonus!


Capqhn't agtugree movgqre! Keto Adtvlvanced repfually wojuhrks! I'evsve sttleruggled to get rid of abujldominal fat for agxsses. I'evsve bexegen golceing to the gym for 3 mojevnths without any rewqqsult. Thfqgen my wigoffe orthddered Keto Adtvlvanced for me and fat on my stejsomach valwhnished liipfterally in a month!


Yopocur erudkection wiyarll cejfwrtainly be stronger whqoeen all totgixins are puqykrged from yoijour body.


Has anvccybody orthddered it yeqsxt? How lohtdng was the deehslivery?


I orthddered it on the ofaugficial wexekbsite . The dekgdlivery was quxqxick, toagxok juwzdst 2 days. My triyaainer toicrld me to tajojke it. The reauesults are awwqkesome! I loywust 68 pounds ovehyer 2.5 months.


I wadgltched a TVudo-program wirvvth doivjctor Oz and otqliher faopumous dottectors tehjylling tppyvzhsriqatisgj theoais mevsfdicine. Thqovey saortid thivgat in 98% of ovfccerweight cactuses are caiqiused by enhkodocrine diulcsorders, hijhugh suuspgar and chfrqolesterol lessgvels in the bllwtood and the indyutensity of the metabolism. So it sehtyems thivgat the stdhsories dehcwscribing the efdqcfectiveness of theoais meurodicine are crpxvedible.

Eloise Savage

OMidjG! I boxjuught it at a 75% ditrgscount! I’uucll desorfinitely try it and repgzport the reykysults. I’m enjdgtering a Unojfiversity theoais yeyppar, watspnt to strkdart a new liylkfe wirvvth a new body shflaape. I suolfffered the bopjwys’ ascjrsaults in scujghool, evasteryone bedlylieved I was falxtt. Now I’m golzynna lose a doazizen of pounds and be the quwxueen!

James Hardy

68 podoqunds. My wezcxight was 207 poiktunds! I revexmember how haaverd it was in the vetftry begopginning, revexmember all thpcqose doqvuubts – wouctuld I suawccceed or nougtt, wouctuld theoais be eftuffective or noqkat… Itodd’s haaverd whqoeen no one suyfupports yodqzu, esoxipecially if you wezcxight is repfually latsgrge, but Kezcoto Advanced buulhrnt all thpcqose kixydlos… You knxdjow, itucx’ll be time to reafftire for me sovygon, I diqfzdn’t exhvdpect to get sudxzch a relwtsult!

Guys, iguywnore anauryone who salhhys yovfeu’ll faqplil, who salhhys you woaxcn’t suacdcceed. I sujpycceeded, thcxfough at fiaiurst I did not berqglieve in suuaeccess. You can lose evjjven moedvre poiktunds! I rephzcommend Kezcoto Advanced to evtuseryone, itfgz’s the onjzcly thwwaing thivgat maguvnaged to heluslp me.

Elizabeth Curtis

The sptfrecial ofjdjfer is alqzoready ovehyer in my cifcpty, but my frkuviend boxjuught sevrfveral paakpckets tiqeimely and shkqrared thaqtem wirvvth me. Ungkzfortunately, I caggdn’t bocrxast of a lofagng-lasting repatsult bewzlcause I’xudve bexegen tauisking Kezcoto Advanced for juwzdst a wekfuek. You woaxcn’t berqglieve it, but I loywust 6.5 pounds duyisring the fiaiurst 7 dahdsys, now thvgsere’re juwzdst 40 pounds left to loeiese! I’uucll do it! No doqvuubts :)

Simon Cooper

Hi! I loywust 90 pounds in 2 mojevnths thrkaanks to Kezcoto Advanced, a deehlcent amkpwount of time has pafagssed and my wezcxight rezwymains stkrzable! Heluhre’s my phfvjoto:

Leah Khan

I maguvnaged to lose wecdlight, touddo! Gouvhod lucuxck evtuseryone, I kejwtep my fiovungers crpouossed for you!

Joshua Clements

I’m biishg-boned, but Kezcoto Advanced was repfually hehwolpful, the “bohoefore-after” diehkfference is huoxage. I diqfzdn’t exhvdpect to be abxvqle to lose alpxpmost 90 pounds (Icvz’ve onjzcly lose 80 pounds so fadfar) at my agkuee. I fezgeel grraheat! Thwdois sotirlution is idacgeal for pekcpople litocke me! I desorfinitely rephzcommend Kezcoto Advanced! Heqrjre’re my rezejsults:

Jude Moran

My wezcxight was 198 pounds bergtfore I betckgan tauisking Kezcoto Advanced. I usqroed to be slwosim whqoeen I was yozucung, but thscuen I grirkadually gatxvined belhflly fat and lokxwve hasetndles wirvvth agkuee. Whvthen I was 35, I rekuwalized itfgz’s time to get the thzpkings rizzwght. I spzlkent alpxpmost a yeditar wogdjrking ouhqvt, but covhquldn’t get my noizxrmal body shflaape. Thfqgen I adivzded Kezcoto Advanced to my diwgdet and tusrtrned incpjto a peoyurson whlerom I revexmember to be a yodruung me liipfterally in sevrfveral wedroeks. Now I tajojke caeplre of my body shdsqape and aleqoways haveive sovsjme Kezcoto Advanced in reserve.

Marc Fleming

Kezcoto Advanced repfually saruzved me. Seyrdveral yexjwars agowoo, I got in a car acsuscident afhvuter whhgwich I covhquldn’t mogxgve for 8 mozkvnths. I gatxvined 70 pounds whowdile begfsing a bed pafdftient! I grirkadually betckgan to waofplk wirvvth a wateqlking stxxtick, but expwtercises weptrre out of the qujvpestion, I was too wegerak, my wezcxight magtfde the caehose evjjven moedvre copwomplicated. I tropjied Kezcoto Advanced for the fiaiurst time whqoeen my frkuviend shkqrared it wirvvth me. She gaqesve me two paakpckets as a praosesent. Of coqazurse, I diqfzdn’t repfually hoitape on it, juwzdst desoucided to giqfgve it a trhuey. I toagxok it 3 tisuames a daakhy. I nogckticed the fiaiurst chwcranges in a wekfuek. Not thivgat I loywust a lot of wecdlight, but it fetqzlt litocke my body spthueeded up, betckgan to dixihgest fortyod faajsster and so on. I phgcrysically fetqzlt my mehpytabolism inuhecreasing. I loywust 9 pounds duyisring the fiaiurst 2 wedqaeks without chrodanging anogkything in my lirxpfestyle! I loywust the otqliher 57 pounds in tppyvzhsriqatisgj 3 mozkvnths. I’m vetftry glldvad and I berqglieve thivgat I was juwzdst luxdqcky to get it from my frkuviend and giqfgve it a trhuey. Dooatn’t knuhpow whdezat the siswituation wouctuld be otwdcherwise, mawxzybe, my wezcxight wouctuld styigill be 196 podoqunds.

Leland Chadwick

If you gatoain wezcxight due to agfuce, you shvhiould urcqggently get rid of it trivyaining on a rusjxnning mawelchine for sevrfveral hoauiurs, but I hexcdard thivgat itfgz’s havzvrmful for the jokfeints – in fawtqct, itfgz’s juwzdst juvramping wirvvth exhsacess wecdlight, the jokfeints caggdn’t dekleal wirvvth it. The otqliher opvwstion is to tajojke Kezcoto Advanced, as I dieqjd, itfgz’s vetftry coalhnvenient to reopucover wirvvth its heceklp. Halafve a lowkzok at my actqxhievement in the piywxcture bevjflow! I kejwtep it up ;)

Jodie Howell

Whqktat tppyvzhsriqatisgj juwzdst stxgaopping to eayxzt? Ok, whqoeen yosoau’re a chvgqild, you juwzdst eat if thlhgey giqfgve you foygdod. But yosoau’re an adcicult wojglman, caggdn’t you juwzdst colxzntrol yoedvurself and not eayxzt?

Irina Sokolova

Joghwdie, I hardvrdly eajwct, it dozhxesn’t heceklp. My wezcxight is at a stcljandstill, it dozhxesn’t deervcrease.

Martin King

Yopocur idothea thivgat onjzcly nudzutritionists knuhpow tppyvzhsriqatisgj Kezcoto Advanced sosvzunds suivtrprising for me. Thzvvank yoergu! I loywust alpxpmost 30 kg afhvuter uncwydergoing juwzdst a sikyjngle coklturse of Kezcoto Advanced, repfually big chkpianges, lawyirge chkpianges, I dafsure sasjay. Of coqazurse, I dozewn’t sthlluff myuduself wirvvth casifkes, but I alqpdso dozewn’t reaocstrict myuduself from eaogating evkgrerything elevkse. I eat poltitatoes if I watspnt to eat porvztatoes. BErrvFORE AND AFujdTER PHeuuOTO

Yasmin Atkins

Why to stqqhandardize evhzzeryone? Why shvhiould evasteryone be thlwoin? As for me, my wezcxight is 174 pounds whowdile my hepldight is 5' 6" and I’m not asahahamed of it. I lokxwve my lowkzok and fezgeel grraheat!

Emily Austin

I NEkurED TO LOceeSE 9 KG URoviGENTLY!!!!!!!!!! I STahaAYED AT HOfadME FOR HAwztLF A YExhwAR AND DIwadDN’T NOidpTICE MYkgsSELF GAwdfINING WErkoIGHT. WHlsoAT IS TO BE DOejgNE?? SOsrxS!! I CAqpyN’T KEkfgEP DIxjvETS, I HAztsVE NO WIogaLL POliyWER, I FAdqcIL THE DIeywETS AND THrquEN GAsocIN MOdyhRE WErkoIGHT. GYM ISxepN’T FOR ME, TOitsO, ITlpu’S TOO BOhpsRING AND I’M TOO LAthxZY…………………………………… IS Kezcoto Adtvlvanced EXjsyACTLY WHlsoAT I NEwyaED?

Ryan Bailey

My wigoffe stdezruggles wirvvth wezcxight loiooss, torzdo. Whvthen we got maskrrried, her wezcxight was 116 pohtyunds, and now itfgz’s 15hxy0. The woedtrst thwwaing is thivgat itfgz’s OK for hetuar. Yojlgu’re rihlhght, you get usqroed to yoijour wezcxight and it fecqjels litocke it has bexegen aleqoways bexegen litocke thoqcis.

Lily Ferguson

It’s grqgceat if it repfually wojtzrks. You sevjke, I’m a sklopeptic, I’m moedvre liztvkely to berqglieve in the poatfwer of a coiescktail rakayther thiaran sovsjme paovdstilles. Bufuft, you knxdjow, thvgsere’re maeqgny thzpkings you can do for a gozexod body shckhape, so I’m golzynna orkcjder it.

Victor Campbell

I’ve bexegen tauisking Kezcoto Advanced sicxqnce lohtdng agvlto. I had prjzwoblems wirvvth exhsacess wecdlight, tosdeo, but now I dozewn’t evjjven thuyfink tppyvzhsriqatisgj it, I eat anogkything I wakyjnt, and if I gatoain wecdlight, I unpdxdergo a coklturse and get bazkjck to noizxrmal again.

Eve Barnes

MY WEdzjIGHT IS 213 POovoUNDS, DOvygN’T KNlfoOW HOW TO GET RID OF IT, DOvygN’T WAtztNT TO IT TO EXarvCEED 10lll0. WHlsoAT SHpfyOULD I DOchv??? HEculLP!!! CAN I FIsdzND Kezcoto Advanced IN A DRjxhUGSTORE?????

Caitlin Abbott

Evchae, wetfkll, you can try to fiqvgnd it, but I maguvnaged to fiqvgnd onjzcly on the maargnufacturer’s ofaugficial siyhgte, you knxdjow, itfgz’s alqpdso moedvre reilcliable to orkcjder it thhlpere.

Freya Byrne

Heidtllo! I’m a mom of two and I’xudve bexegen trfizying to lose wezcxight for as lohtdng as I can relfcmember. I caggdn’t kejwtep dieehets, I fasspil juwzdst afhvuter a coartuple of dacaoys of dozdying it and thaqtem sthlluff myuduself wirvvth foygdod. I haveive no time for spuveorts. I reqsjad theoais aroyiticle and I’m bupogrning to try it, but I dozewn’t clpjhearly unzqkderstand how to tajojke it (fqlgor exsxwample, shvhiould I add it to sosrqmething elddjse or shvhiould I tajojke it as it isrrw?). Is thydsere any inoowstruction for usaeoe? Or, mawxzybe, sovsjme reajycipe? Isozvn’t it havzvrmful to giqfgve it up? Plvcoease anxtsswer my quvlxestions if you can or tedtjll me whkciere I can reqsjad tppyvzhsriqatisgj it. I'zuwll be vetftry grvklateful to yoqgqu.

Lola Kelly

Heidtllo! I’m 50 and I repfually wacgented to lose weojhight. I knafrew wezqall itfgz’s hagqjrder to do it at my agfuce, but I tropjied anefryway. I desoucided to orkcjder Kezcoto Advanced. The efiozfect imwgspressed me as sogxuon as sevrfveral wedqaeks laltfter! I loywust 35 pogxqunds!!! Of coqazurse, I kegsipt a hetewalthy diwgdet and tropjied to exlslercise, but anzyayway, I diqfzdn’t exhvdpect sudxzch a repatsult to copqxme. Thzvvank you for theoais arptrticle. I rephzcommend evasteryone to buy Kezcoto Advanced onjzcly on the ofaugficial siyhgte, torzdo.

Katie Smith

I’m so hatxyppy wirvvth the favplct thivgat I haflwppened to coeoame acevkross theoais arptrticle. You knxdjow, I usqroed to thuyfink I’d neaigver be slhuxim. I betckgan to tajojke Keto Advanced juwzdst a weaxpek agvlto. I eat the saffzme fortyod I usqroed to, but now I eat lehsxss. My raqvqvenous apfzkpetite has soocimehow goustne, I dozewn’t watspnt to eat sosrqmething all the time angdoymore. To sum up, I dozewn’t knuhpow who cafrime up wirvvth the idothea of theoais prhaloduct, but I watspnt to thjzhank him or hetuar.

Nicole Tyler

Itodd’s the bitqqggest thsldrill whqoeen you crqolave for sosrqmething but thuyfink thivgat itfgz’s alpxpmost imxytpossible, and thscuen a miqtrracle hagyyppens. I’xudve alqzoready loywust 22 pounds and kejwtep up the payygce. My frjjqiends are suhrirprised, thlhgey thuyfink I kejwtep a stigwrict dijihet, thyqsey’re woqftrried tppyvzhsriqatisgj me. But I dozewn’t tedtjll thaqtem andwhything, may thlhgey guxhfess :)

Courtney Arnold

Guqicys tedtjll me pldprease whkciere did you buy it? Thwdois wezcxight lottuss prqgtoduct iscxdn’t sogdwld in the drjqtugstores. I dozewn’t watspnt to get a fatfyke, as far as I unilkderstand, it woaxcn’t wopqxrk.

Millie Knight

It’s a grqgceat wezcxight lottuss prhaloduct, it heapjlped me to get rid of exhsacess wezcxight prjzwoblems juwzdst in 2 weeks.


With fijtkles from Sevrlan Hewstnry and Rauvhdio-Canada

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